Wells JA1220 HVAC Blower Motor Resistor

  • Ceramic-coated, steel-printed board design for durability and longevity
  • Mounting and connector identical to OE
  • Thermal fuse helps to prevent overheating
  • Meets or exceeds OE specifications
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Wells Vehicle Electronics' Blower Motor Resistors are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed original equipment manufacturers' specifications for performance and durability. The HVAC Blower Motor Resistor, also known as a BMR, controls the speed of vehicle's blower motor. A malfunctioning or inoperative Blower Motor Resistor will cause a poor cabin cooling or heating condition. It can also cause insufficient windshield defrosting or de-icing, reducing driver visibility. When replacing a failed Blower Motor Resistor, other HVAC (Heating Ventilation ) system components should be verified for functionality as they can cause the Blower Motor Resistor to fail. The blower motor should be checked for amperage draw per the manufacturer's specification and cabin air filters, if equipped, should be replaced.


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