Wedding Boutonniere Bouquet Charm Pin Rose Portrait Frame Photo Charm Mother of The Bride Groom w/Photo Resizing Software PhotoJewelryMaking

  • Simple to make - includes easy to use photo resizer online access
  • Protective photo cover and sealing strip
  • Simple way to have a loved one with you on your special day, or as a gift for the Mother of the Bride or Groom
  • Beautiful and classic design
  • Not intended for children
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Quickly and easily create a photo brooch portrait pin with rose design! A beautiful way to honor a missed loved one at weddings, funerals or other family events. Pins onto a suit coat lapel, dress, flower bouquet, or anywhere else. Photo frame has a 25mm x 35mm photo area. Includes easy to use adhesive cover and sealing strip. Use with photo paper or regular printer paper. Includes online access to our simple to use Photo Resizer. Compatible with all Windows and Mac computers, tablets, mobile devices and cell phones.


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October 1, 2018
Arrived early and is so pretty!!!!

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