Long 8' Exhaust Baffle fit 38mm/1.5' Drag Pipe Silencer (Baffle O.D. 35mm) Wassell

  • Steel baffle for motorcycle drag-style exhaust pipes
  • Please note baffles are sized based on the OUTER diameter of your exhaust pipe
  • Baffle itself is approx 2-3mm smaller for a snug fit
  • Sold individually
  • Also available for other sizes of exhaust pipes
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Long 8inch (0cm) steel exhaust baffles from Highway Hawk for motorcycles/ trikes/motorbikes.Price is for one 8inch long baffle which fits 8mm/.5inch outer diameter Drag pipes.


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March 11, 2016
Great fit, sounded good on my application.

Not sure why these are chromed/plated, the coating comes off after use, but if you install them correctly you'd never notice.

I got a pair to plug into the 1.5" headers on my Honda vt500c, and paired them with some cheap universal exhaust tips. Not much more loud than the stock exhaust, but takes up 1/10th the space.
Will S
April 19, 2015
Bought the 4 inch version first and decided that it didn't quiet my exhaust down enough. This 8 inch baffle is a little better but still not nearly as quiet as I had hoped for. I have it on an otherwise straight-through pipe on a 250cc thumper. It's better than without the baffle, but only marginally. Chrome plating cracks and peels off immediately like it's metal leaf.
July 12, 2018
wrong size

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