Extra Large Microwave Kiln For Fusing Glass Kiln Glass Fusing Kiln SSH-0791

  • Large Kiln Outer size:19x11.5cm Inner size:13.5x4.5cm
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A Microwave kiln is a device that crafters use to fire small art projects in a microwave oven. Anybody can use it to fuse small piece of glass as part of the jewelry-making process. DIY stunning pendants, fashionable earring and other beautiful glass jewelry in the microwave kiln. Our this Large Microwave Kiln measure is 7.67”x4.33”(19.5X11CM). To use the kiln, crafters place the object to be fired on the base and then put the cover on. The kiln is then placed in the microwave, which is run until the piece has been completely fired. Once the process is finished, the kiln is immediately removed from the microwave and left to cool on a heat-proof surface. Leading Manufacturer of highest quality kilns at factory pricing. We produce the microwave kiln by ourselves, so we guarantee the quality and we choose fast shipment. All of the picture is our real product photo show without any modify. What you see is what you will get. Look forward to cooperation with you.


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Everitt W. Mace
March 19, 2017
This kiln works very well even though it is roughly made. I didn't realize that, since it is made of a ceramic foam, it would be so friable. You really have to handle it with care or it chips very easy. The best part is that I can use it several times a day to experiment with different glasses, glass colors etc. It is well worth the price.
The photo is of a piece I just fused in the kiln a couple of hours ago. It has a white glass base. A blue millefiori is in the center and it is surrounded by black glass beads.Interesting. Always remember when working with the microwave kiln....it gets HOT.
Herculano Calvillo Jr.
April 22, 2017
excellent product
Amazon Customer
August 20, 2016
A very good klin
Melissa White
November 3, 2017
Very cheap and poorly made. Waste of money.

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