Apollointech Jeep Wrangler JK & JKU 2007-2018 Overhead 6-Switch Pod / Panel with Control and Source System Blue Back Light ( Comes with 10 Laser Switch Covers )



Color:1) Green Back Light

  • Ignition control, the switch kit will be on when your car is on and will be off when your car is off.
  • Click https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XF1QMNS to purchase other switch covers with other labels
  • Fits V-Series - Contura II & III Contura IV, V & VI VII XIV rocker switch covers, you can use removal tool attached to replace the switch covers by yourself.
  • Click https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079JHGGWJ to purchase 8-switch version
  • Diodes to protect sensitive accessories such as LED lights from "field collapse"
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Please verify the setup fits your vehicle before you purchase,it fits 007-018 Jeep wrangler JK and JKU.
Product Overview:
1.Jeep Wrangler JK 007-018 Control System
.Diodes to protect sensitive accessories such as LED lights from "field collapse"
3.Max output: 100 Amp
4.Fits V-Series - Contura II & III Contura IV, V & VI VII XIV rocker switch covers, you can use removal tool attached to replace the switch covers by yourself.
5.8 gauge power leads with crimped and soldered terminal for connection to the battery
6.40 Amp Relay
7.Plug & play
Click https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JHGGWJ to purchase 8-switch version
Click https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DX8P1KJ to purchase 6-switch universal version for non Jeep wrangler version


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February 18, 2017
I purchased this earlier this week and received it 2 days later via prime!

I read the reviews and watched a YouTube video review a customer did and decided to give it a shot.

I was impressed. The "source" or box with the relays and fuses has a nice finish & weight to it.

Directions are basic but more then adequate.

Cables were long enough for me to tuck them up against the firewall for a super clean install and have a nice woven heat shield as well as heat shrunk ends on their terminals.

The package comes with 10 switch plates giving you some options for what you plan to power. I have yet to confirm if the major switch brand covers fit these, but I am guessing they do. Switches have a solid, positive rocker feel and the alternating light (on/off) worked flawlessly. They even give you an extra switch in the packaging.

Some reviews complained about the switch panel fitment. I strongly suggest removing your freedom panels so you can better work the panel in place. I took my shoes off and stood on my seats to ensure it fit before peeling back the double stick tape. The double stick tape was a bit of a pain, it kept wanting to peel off of the panel, but once the panel is tightened down, that tape is not doing a whole lot. It's a very good fit to the black trim across the windshield. Just back the two screws almost all the way out (until you can only see 1-2 threads past the nut on the inside) and slide it over the hangman loop.

Tip: after test fit was good, I peeled the red backing ~2", mounted the panel and began snugging the bolts THEN peeled the red back the rest of the way off and pressed the bottom into place.

Those little bolts are a 7mm if you happen to have a tiny wrench set like my craftsman set came with.

All in all, this kit saved me hundreds of dollars compared to the sPOD or Trail Rocker & I am super happy so far.

I wired up two rigid industry dually d2 to my windshield corners and everything worked flawlessly upon first test.

If you are adding accessories to your jeep, a solution like this is not only cool looking with the switch placement, but by far the best way to safely power aux accessories without taxing preexisting circuits that are designed for what they run from the factory.

This also avoids the need to drill holes to mount switches, and run dozens of wires through the firewall.

If I can add to this review in a few months I will be sure to. I am confident it will be positive.
Thomas Jones
August 24, 2016
Product arrived very quickly. Instructions combined with common sense made this install fairly easy. Only took an hour or so. Parts and wiring look to be of good quality. Trail lights and lightbar are due in soon. Will update my review if anything changes but for now I am extremely happy with this product based on quality/ease of install/price. Update: Tonight was the first time I have had a chance to drive at night with the unit installed and I noticed the switch lights tend to be overly bright especially if driving in a very dark area. It would be nice if there were a way to dim these lights (wire it to the instrument cluster lights dimmer) or a simple on/off switch on the unit itself. Still a great unit and still very happy with my purchase.
Arizona Woodworker
March 16, 2017
I bought this accessory switch source to keep my lighting and other electrical components isolated from the CAN system on my '16 JK. So far I love it. I haven't fired up all the lights at the same time yet but I have no doubt the source will handle any load I can throw at it (don't try and wire your winch through it). I really like the fact that there are individual diodes on each of the 6 circuits to isolate each circuit. No need to worry about LED field collapse or engine noise coming through the CB radio. The installation instructions were sparse but adequate. The source box is quite substantial so I was slightly apprehensive mounting it to the ECU heat sink but it seems rigid enough that it won't cause any problems. Note: after installing the source open it up and make sure all the fuses and relays are fully seated before supplying 12V to the source. When routing the power cables on newer JK's there is a M6 bolt in the firewall just behind the battery that makes a perfect place to mount the breaker. You will need to replace the nut that is on the bolt with one that does not have a captive washer so it will fit on the breaker mounting tab. I cut a small notch in the fuse box for the jumper wire so the box lid wouldn't pinch the wire then filled up the gap with some RTV. My JK is a manual transmission so I had to use a grommet in the firewall that is in the far upper driver's side corner of the firewall to fish the switch connector through to the cab of the jeep. Automatic tranny owners can use the grommet where the clutch rod would go if it was there. Grab a wire shirt hanger and cut about an 8 to 10 inch straight piece off it and bend a hook on one end. This will come in really handy as a fish line when pulling wires through the firewall and behind the dash. I needed 6 switches for my assorted lights etc. but needed the space between the visors for another purpose. I grabbed an A-pillar switch pod and modified it to hold 6 switches for a clean look. I have only had the system installed for a couple of weeks but have been off road 2 or 3 times since I installed it and have checked all the connections and they haven't moved. The LED's are bright enough to see during the day but not overwhelming at night. You need to have all the switch covers on even if you have blank switches right now or the LED's are really bright. I got the green LED's because green is easier on the eyes at night. I think I am really going to like this solution for my Jeep. If you're on the fence go ahead and buy this solution it is well thought out and has a can't beat price.
March 12, 2017
Item was better then expected, the components look pretty good, installation was fairly simple, took about an hour and a half, I did find that a 7mm wrench worked better then the needle nose pliers that everyone else says to use on the internal switch assembly by the footman's loop, time will tell how well it will stand the test of time, for now I am happy, I would buy again if I needed another one.

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